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Prishtina, Kosova

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At Tartine, we keep it simple and original,
taking pride in our homemade cooking.
We use only fresh and seasonal ingredients
to make our trademark delicacies.

Loaf & Coffee — 2.5

Seasonal Loaf

Chicken Tartine — 4

chicken marinated with lime and ginger sauce, green salad, red onion

Roasted Pumpkin Salad — 4.5

pumpkin, mix of greens, goat cheese, chopped mint, bulgur, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin & Leek Quiche — 17

whole pumpkin & leek quiche served with homemade yogurt and greens

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SIMPLE AND ORIGINAL. We are committed to provide our clients the best quality food. Using local ingredients we try to capture the simplicity of the old recipes by reinventing them to a modern European format.

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Tartine leaf
Tartine bicycle